Clare Dewan

Employee and workplace relations – comply, resolve, optimise and navigate workplace compliance with confidence.
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$180 for half an hour, $280 for 1 hour

Clare Dewan can share knowledge about:

  • Employee relations advice and representation
  • Disciplinary proceedings and conflict resolution
  • Enterprise agreement negotiation and management
  • Wage audits and compliance checks
  • Managing workplace bullying and harassment claims


  • Redundancy advice and implementation
  • Legislative compliance and risk mitigation
  • Training and mentoring for new leaders
  • Strategic employment planning for long-term business improvement

About Clare Dewan

As a seasoned professional in employee relations within the aged care sector, I’ve dedicated nearly three decades to helping organisations thrive through robust compliance and effective workforce management. My expertise lies in dissecting complex legislative frameworks and translating them into actionable, straightforward actions and strategies that both meet legal compliance and foster workplace harmony.

Navigating the intricacies of employee issues, from conflict resolution to disciplinary actions, I enable aged care providers to take confident action in tricky situations and to build resilient practices that anticipate and mitigate risks before they escalate.

Through guidance on enterprise agreements, wage audits, and restructuring, I’ve supported countless organisations to secure their operational footing and achieve growth. My approach is always tailored, ensuring solutions that meet each organisations goals and needs and compliant with current legislation and sustainable in the long term.

I am passionate about equipping aged care providers with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their teams effectively, sharing my knowledge case by case, situation by situation. Through confident actions guided by my knowledge and experience I help elevate the knowledge, skills of aged care leaders to confident employee management that mitigates risks and achieves operational outcomes.