Aged care explained for people, providers and professionals

Webinars presented by top aged care Insiders

For Individuals and Families

Are you wanting to understand aged care for yourself or are you supporting an older loved one?

This FREE webinar is ideal for anyone who wants a quick grasp of the aged care landscape in Australia—& tips to make caregiving, navigating aged care easier.

Webinar: Aged Care Unveiled

In this FREE live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The physical, social and emotional changes of ageing (you know they’ve changed—here’s what’s really going on)
  • Actionable changes you can make now
  • How to minimise in-home/health emergencies
  • Aged Care choices, costs and how to access

For Business and Professionals

Are you new to or want to be in a senior role in the aged care industry?

Webinar Series: Aged Care 360

This holistic training is packed with insider knowledge, and will help you perform your role with more confidence, capability and a more informed perspective.

Are you entering the aged care industry into a management, executive or board role and have a lot of subject matter expertise and experience under your belt—but not a lot of industry-specific knowledge?

Are you already employed in the industry, eager to be promoted to a senior role, and want to brush up beforehand?  After all, the Australian aged care industry is  one of the most highly regulated industries with complex care environments.

We’ve packaged all the information you need, presented by senior-level industry experts. So you don’t need to scour the web to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Join us in Aged Care 360 to learn what you didn't know you didn't know, get well-rounded industry knowledge and have your burning questions answered by leading Industry Insiders.

Over 6 training sessions, our Insiders will cover:

Past, Present and Future of Aged Care in Australia 

A look at the history of aged care in Australia, the current reform and the impending changes which shape the business of aged care.

Aged Care Accreditation and Quality

Gain a concise introduction to the standards and accreditation processes and how they apply to the business of aged care in Australia.

Clinical Governance for Non-Clinicians

Every staff member is responsible + accountable for the delivery of safe, effective, high-quality care, not just the nurses. How do you do this without clinical knowledge?

The Aged Care Consumer

Who are our customers, and what are their needs, motivations, fears, and expectations?

Aged Care Funding

An overview of government funding and consumer contribution components and the drivers that underpin revenue..

The Aged Care P&L

A look at the key drivers, types of income and costs found in aged care and how it all fits together.

What you’ll get:

  • One group training per week led by an industry Insider—each session includes a 30-minute webinar and Q&A.
  • Recordings of each session to keep—so you can come back to any of the content at any time, or catch up at your convenience if you cannot make a group training session live.

This training is perfect for:

  • Leaders, managers, executives and board members new to aged care seeking to enhance their skills, industry knowledge and performance.
  • Anyone already in the industry and looking to brush up their industry knowledge and advance their career.
  • Anyone wanting to transition from another industry to the aged care sector (perhaps you’re currently a Hotel Manager and want to move into an aged care Facility Manager role instead).

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the aged care industry and learn “insider information” you don’t know you don’t know!