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Everyone wants to live a long life but no one wants to grow old.

Here at Insider Information we think it’s possible to do ageing better.


Information for people considering aged care for a loved one

To help them navigate the complex and often confusing system in Australia, to make informed decisions for their loved ones without being steeped in doubt, and to understand how best to meet their unique family needs.

Information for small to medium aged care providers and professionals

To help them deliver high-quality clinical care, maintain regulatory and operational brilliance, and build stronger, more successful, more resilient aged care providers—ultimately helping the sector deliver great outcomes for consumers. 


Tanya Connor - Founder, Insider Information

Insider Information Founder, Principal Expert and Registered Nurse Tanya Connor has worked in clinical, management and executive roles in aged care since 2003 with small and large providers. 

“My exposure to and interest in aged care started at a young age. As a youngster, I grew up surrounded by grandparents, with one set who lived next door, and one we spent holidays with.

I witnessed my parents support our “neighbour” grandparents to live at home until their 90s, then transition them into residential aged care when it became necessary. One lived to 103 and another to 96. Ripe old ages! And boy, did they live well, even in those later years.  

When I began my nursing career, a small aged care facility was attached to the hospital I was working at. I did some shifts there—and that was the beginning of a career-long connection!

Yes, it was hard at times, but I cherished the family-like relationships I made with the interesting men and women I cared for and the incredible people who choose to work in Aged Care.

After ten years spent nursing in aged care, I moved into a management role, then an executive role, and sat in those senior positions for 20 years. 

I know that senior roles in aged care can become all-consuming, because I’ve lived that experience, rife with responsibility and for many, higher purpose—it’s one reason I want to offer more resources to those in my former roles.

In 2021, I decided to step down from an Executive role and support the industry in a different way, via consulting at small and large providers, and now, via Insider Information.

As you can imagine, the connections I’ve cultivated over two decades in aged care are vast, and we’ve brought together that pool of people here, to offer their knowledge to those who need it.”