Tanya Connor can share knowledge about:

  • Aged Care Planning
  • Navigating Home Care and Residential Facilities
  • Strategies for home and environment for safer care
  • Caregiving strategies


  • Aged care options
  • Accessing aged care
  • How aged care costs work
  • Supporting from afar

About Tanya Connor

With 30 years in aged care, I am dedicated to enhancing the lives of the elderly and their families. My background as a registered nurse and leader has equipped me as an aged care expert with a broad understanding of both personalised and large-scale care in residential and retirement settings.

My family’s history, with grandparents reaching their 90s and beyond, deeply informs my empathetic and respectful approach to caring for the elderly. I aim to improve understanding of ageing and advocate for care that honors each individual’s preferences and needs.

I am committed to providing support and information to families, helping them make informed decisions with confidence. Together, we can address the challenges of caregiving, ageing and care, creating a plan that ensures the safety, well-being, and dignity of your loved ones, while considering both informal and formal support networks.

I also provide advice to aged care businesses and professionals. View my business expertise here