Tanya Connor

Innovative Operational Leadership in Aged Care

Tanya Connor can share knowledge about:

  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • Benchmarking
  • Business Intelligence (not technical)
  • Understanding aged care data
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • System optimisation
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation


  • Communication systems and processes
  • Operational optimisation
  • Efficiency and business improvement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Quality systems and processes
  • Communication workflows
  • Critical incident management

About Tanya Connor

In a nutshell, I’m a visionary strategist and an innovative leader who understands change in healthcare like the back of my hand. I’ve weathered the storms, learned from them, and now, I’m here to share my insights.

In my journey across the landscape of healthcare, particularly in aged care, I’ve been driven by a vision to redefine excellence and innovation in service delivery. My career, which began at the bedside as a nurse, has evolved into strategic roles where I’ve championed operational efficiencies and quality care. My approach is rooted in a belief that every aspect of aged care can be enhanced through strategic innovation and empathetic leadership.

When it comes to healthcare operations, I’ve got you covered. I’ve navigated financial and operational decision-making, created business intelligence dashboards, and dabbled in everything from rostering structures to clinical governance improvement. Building and leading high-performing teams? It’s one of my specialties.

I’ve had the privilege of steering transformation projects, where my role extended beyond mere change management to embedding a culture of continuous improvement and compliance. In these roles, I’ve learned the power of collaboration, the importance of clear communication, and the need for visionary leadership that inspires trust and confidence.

I am passionate about the power of digital transformation which improves both care delivery and operational efficiency.  I have an eye for getting to the root cause and designing solutions which address this but which also blend with operational workflows.  I am passionate about the power of aged care data and its ability to drive actions and processes to enhance  clinical and operational efficiency and compliance.  I’m not a techy but with my deep knowledge of the aged care landscape and knack for putting pieces together, I guide IT teams to design business intelligence that impacts – not just reports.

In my consulting work, I’ve guided organizations through the intricate journey of navigating regulatory landscapes, optimizing operational performance, and enhancing care quality. My passion lies in mentoring new leaders, shaping resilient teams, and fostering environments where innovation thrives.

I’m dedicated to helping aged care providers not just meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that their services are not only sustainable but also exemplary. I’ve dedicated a significant part of my career to simplifying the aged care journey. That passion led me to found “Insider Information,” where I channel my commitment to growth and success in healthcare operations.

How Can I Help You: Deeply rooted in identifying and addressing the root of any issue, From navigating complex issues to business intelligence design, technology integration, operational efficiency, quality assurance, and risk management – count on me to be your guide in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.