Rodney Paul Young

Strategic Healthcare Leader and Aged Care Policy Expert
Rodney Young

$ 150 for 30 minutes, $250 for 1 hour

Rodney Paul Young can share knowledge about:

  • Aged Care Policy  
  • Aged Care Technology Strategy 
  • Aging Population Care  
  • Board Governance Process 
  • Empowering Seniors 
  • Financial Stewardship  
  • Health Systems Management  
  • Healthcare Leadership  
  • Healthcare Management 
  • Healthcare Transformation 


  • Industry Engagement  
  • Policy Advocacy  
  • Policy Reform 
  • Quality Services 
  • Social Engagement 
  • Strategic Decision-Making  
  • Technology Innovation 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Government Policy
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

About Rodney Paul Young

Healthcare Leadership and Policy Advocacy
With a diverse background in health systems management and aged care policy, Rod has been instrumental in driving significant reforms and advancements in the industry. His strategic leadership and advocacy efforts have helped shape national policies and initiatives, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to ageing populations. 

Industry Transformation and Financial Stewardship
During his tenure as the national CEO of Aged Care Association Australia, Rod led efforts to transform the aged care industry into a financially robust and quality-focused sector. Under his leadership, the industry experienced substantial growth, with assets exceeding $40 billion and annual operations reaching $15 billion. Rod’s stewardship ensured that aged care providers remained financially sustainable while delivering exceptional care to clients. 

Technology Innovation and Industry Engagement
Rod has been a driving force behind the adoption of technology in aged care, recognising its potential to enhance service delivery and promote independence among seniors. As the founder of the Aged Care Industry IT Council (ITAC), he has championed initiatives to improve industry performance through the deployment of innovative technologies. Rod remains actively engaged in industry conferences and committees, advocating for continued innovation and collaboration within the aged care sector. 

Visionary Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making
Known for his visionary leadership and strategic acumen, Rod has consistently aligned organisational goals with mission-driven outcomes. His commitment to client-first principles and transparent decision-making has fostered a culture of excellence and innovation within the aged care sector. By leveraging his extensive network and industry expertise, Rod continues to drive positive change and advocate for the interests of ageing populations.