Olia Brandman can share knowledge about:

  • Home care packages
  • Clinical assessments
  • Older persons care
  • Aged care navigation
  • Care coordination
  • Culturally diverse care


  • Geriatric nursing
  • Palliative care support
  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Preparing for Aged care Assessments
  • Choosing a home care provider
  • Accessing aged care

About Olia Brandman

As an experienced registered nurse specialising in aged care, I bring a wealth of expertise and a compassionate approach to supporting seniors and their families. With a Master of Nursing Practice from Monash University and extensive professional development in aged care, I am equipped to navigate the complexities of aged care systems and provide comprehensive support to you.

My career has been dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the aged care landscape, providing guidance on managing home care packages, and delivering clinical assessments with empathy and professionalism. Fluent in Russian, I understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and effective communication in delivering personalised care solutions.

With years of experience working in various roles within the aged care sector, including as a Care Advisor, Care Manager, and Program Coordinator, I have honed my skills in client support, clinical assessments, and relationship management. I am adept at supporting you to understand care plans, managing budgets, and coordinating services to ensure the best possible outcomes for you.

My approach to aged care is rooted in a deep commitment to upholding dignity, respect, and autonomy for every person. I believe in empowering clients to make informed decisions about their care while providing compassionate support and guidance every step of the way. Whether it’s assisting with navigating aged care systems, managing home care packages, or providing clinical guidance, I prioritise your specific needs every step of the way.

In addition to my clinical expertise, I am also passionate about continuous learning and professional development. I actively seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in aged care.