Michelle Harcourt

Guiding Aged Care to Excellence through Compliance and Leadership

Michelle Harcourt can share knowledge about:

  • Auditing and Aged Care Compliance
  • Board and Executive Leadership Consulting
  • Commission Submissions and Crisis Investigations
  • Early Engagement Assessments and Strategic Planning
  • Education, Training, and Leadership Mentoring
  • Non-Compliance Rectifications and Sanction Support
  • Regulations Advice for Residential, Home Care, and NDIS
  • Rural and Remote Aged Care Facilities
  • Falls
  • Medication Management
  • National Quality Indicators


  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in Aged Care
  • Strategic Planning and Clinical Risk Mapping
  • Policy Development and Procedure Review
  • Complex Investigations and Coronial Inquests
  • Staff Education, Training, and Team Building
  • Leadership and Strategy in Aged Care Governance
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Transparent Communication
  • SIRS
  • Non Compliance

About Michelle Harcourt

As an Aged Care Compliance and Governance Advisor with over 30 years of dedicated service, I have specialized in guiding aged care facilities through the complexities of regulatory compliance and governance. My extensive experience, particularly in rural and regional contexts, has positioned me as a leading expert in navigating the aged care sector’s multifaceted regulatory environment.

My career has been characterised by a deep commitment to enhancing care quality and operational efficiency within aged care facilities. Leading a team of multidisciplinary professionals, including gerontic nurse practitioners and legal and governance experts. My approach is collaborative and strategic, working closely with executive boards, staff, and stakeholders to develop and implement comprehensive compliance management systems, crisis management strategies, and improvement plans.

A significant aspect of my work involves conducting comprehensive audits, crisis investigations, and commission submissions, ensuring facilities not only meet but exceed industry standards. I have a keen focus on early engagement and thorough assessments, which allows for the identification and rectification of non-compliance issues promptly and efficiently. My expertise extends to providing critical support during sanctions, developing strategic plans, and facilitating education and training programs aimed at fostering a culture of continuous improvement and compliance.

My leadership and mentoring skills have been instrumental in guiding aged care facilities through periods of change and challenge. I have empowered teams through education and training, promoting effective communication and capacity building, which are essential for maintaining high standards of care and compliance. My work with boards and executive leadership teams emphasises transparent communication and stakeholder engagement, ensuring a clear understanding and alignment with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Specialising in auditing and compliance, board and executive leadership consulting, commission submissions, compliance management, crisis investigations, early engagement and assessments, education and training, leadership and change mentoring, non-compliance rectifications, and providing regulations advice for residential, home care, and NDIS, I have been a pivotal figure in transforming the quality of care in the aged care sector. My commitment to rural and remote facilities highlights my dedication to overcoming the unique challenges faced by these communities, ensuring that quality care is accessible to all.

My career has been devoted to elevating the standards of aged care through expert governance, compliance, and strategic leadership. My work not only ensures that facilities meet regulatory requirements but also fosters environments where quality care and operational excellence are at the forefront, ultimately enhancing the lives of those in the aged care community.