Emma Belden

Transforming Aged Care with Compliance and Culinary Expertise
Emma Belden

$80 for 30 minutes $120 for 1 hour

Emma Belden can share knowledge about:

  • Aged Care Food Safety and Compliance
  • Food Services in Aged Care Facilities
  • Development and Implementation of Food Safety Programs
  • Training and Education in Aged Care Food and Kitchen Services


  • Internal Food Safety Auditing and Quality Assurance
  • Community Engagement for Food Service
  • Innovative Service Solutions in Aged Care Dining

About Emma Belden

In the heart of the aged care sector, my mission is to empower facilities with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in compliance and service quality. My journey in this field has been marked by a dedication to safety, excellence, and innovation, particularly in food services and hotel services within aged care. Leading with a hands-on approach, I’ve forged strong alliances, ensuring that every level of operation not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

My role in overseeing multiple locations has honed my skills in developing tailored food safety programs, conducting rigorous internal audits, and crafting training modules that elevate staff competence and confidence. My experience is backed by a rich educational foundation in food science, hospitality management, and compliance, equipping me with the tools to drive significant improvements in consumer offerings and service expectations.

As a Managing Director and Vocational Trainer, I’ve taken pride in embedding a culture of continuous improvement and compliance across the organizations I’ve worked with. My approach is rooted in clear communication, demonstrative coaching, and a commitment to diversity and community engagement. The result is not just compliance but an enhanced quality of life for residents through innovative service delivery and dining experiences that resonate with care and excellence