Viktoria Astakhov can share knowledge about:

  • Mental Health Advocacy in Aged Care
  • Navigating Aged Care Systems
  • Home Care Package Planning


  • Aged Care Assessments & Preparation
  • Caregiving Strategies
  • Family Dynamics & Support Strategies

About Viktoria Astakhov

In my years of practice, I’ve encountered the full spectrum of challenges caregivers face, from the emotional toll of watching a loved one age to the logistical nightmares of coordinating care from afar. My approach is rooted in the belief that caregiving should not be a journey walked alone. I’ve dedicated myself to not only offering expert advice but also being a pillar of support, a listener, and a guide through your toughest moments.

My expertise extends beyond clinical care; I understand the intricacies of the NDIS and am adept at crafting care plans that cater to individual needs, ensuring dignity and quality of life. Whether it’s deciphering the right care for you, managing family dynamics, or preparing for aged care assessments, I’m here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Having led teams in bustling medical centers, I’ve seen firsthand the difference personalised, compassionate care makes. It’s not just about medical outcomes; it’s about the smiles, the sighs of relief and the renewed hope in the eyes of families who feel seen and supported. This is the heart of my practice.

In our sessions, expect more than just advice; expect a partnership. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories and reshape the caregiving experience into one of growth, understanding and peace.